Meet Your Photographer
Nicole Otero 
Creating magic and capturing moments is my favorite past time!
I'm married to the most super supportive man, David. He's a creative too, however he uses his passion to create food and beer. Pro tip-- marry someone who went to culinary school! I'm also a dog mom to four lovely large ladies Roz, Ellie, Bertie and Aggie-- who literally run our house. 
Recently we moved to Loveland, Colorado from Tampa Bay, and we have zero regrets. The mountains, the snow, and the lack of humidity have stolen our hearts. 
I cherish all the photos I take for my family, and these photos bring up all the feelings and memories of the days they were taken. I feel as though these images are so important to our story and I bring this mentality of how important these moments are to each photo session. 
Its such an honor to be chosen as the person to capture these moments, big or small, for anyone! I try to make the photo session an experience you'll enjoy. We all feel awkward getting our photos taken, even me! But I do my best to make it an experience everyone enjoys!
 I love to create and I want to hear all the ideas my clients bring to me and find a way to make them reality,  so lets chat about our fun ideas and book your session! 

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