Hello there! 
I'm so happy to have you here and to be considered to work with you! 
I've shot quite a few weddings and feel comfortable shooting independently the day of and maintaining a time line. I love shooting with the groomsmen, they're always a good time. I like to think I have a special talent of wrangling rowdy groomsmen. 
I shoot both Nikon and Sony-- it's an odd mix I know. Its not common to shot two brands of camera, but I'm in love with both. They do things differently and I like to use these talents each one has to their, and ultimately my couple's, advantage. 
I would love to work with you and create unforgettable photos for your couples! 
Gear List
Nikon Z6
24-70mm, f2.8
70-200, f2.8
105 macro, f2.8
50 macro, f2.8
35mm, f1.8
85mm, f1.8

Sony A7rIII
35mm, f1.8

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